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Cosmetic Gum Surgery

We often associate a beautiful smile with perfect teeth. But, gums play an equally important role in giving you an attractive smile that you would love to wear.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery In Cypress, Texas 77433

Healthy, bright teeth are what we always relate to a beautiful smile. But one important thing we usually miss is the gums – they have a vital role in the promise to a lovely smile.

Gums are what keep your teeth in place. Sometimes, the gum tissues get further away from the teeth, and the teeth become highly visible. Other times, the teeth hide behind excessive gum tissues and result in a gummy smile. With cosmetic gum surgery from your Cypress dentist, these issues are no big deal! We have aesthetically pleasing solutions for all, from gummy smiles to gum recession and all other problems in between.

What Issues Can Cosmetic Gum Surgery Treat?

Receding gums: Receding gums cause teeth to be highly visible and can even bring roots to the front. The exposed roots give a yellowish shade due to the absence of enamel. You may also experience hot and cold sensitivity that can cause discomfort. With cosmetic gum surgery, the gums are stretched to hide any exposed roots.

A gummy smile: Excessive gums tissue can conceal your teeth, make your smile unattractive ,and increase the risk of periodontal infections. A crown lengthening procedure removes any unnecessary gum tissue and gives you a healthy and beautiful smile.

Uneven gum line: Cosmetic surgery can treat uneven gum lines and reshape them so you can be proud of the smile you wear.

What Happens During Cosmetic Gum Surgery?

During your visit to our clinic for cosmetic gum surgery in Cypress, Tx, expect a warm welcome from our team. First, the periodontist will use local anesthesia to numb the surgery area. After cleaning the gums, the procedure will begin that includes:

  • Removing excessive gum tissues from the root
  • Cutting away tissues close to the teeth
  • Stitching the tissues on the gums to intact them in place

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