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Dental Bridge

Losing a tooth is difficult as well as worrisome for an adult. A broken tooth can disturb the other surrounding teeth as they may begin to shift from their positions. Therefore, the dentists at Cypress Dental at their clinic in Cypress, TX, install a dental bridge to save the remaining teeth from shifting.

Dental Bridge Installation In Cypress, Texas 77433

Losing an adult tooth can call for sudden anxiety. A lost permanent tooth can impact the neighboring teeth, causing them to move from their original positions. A dental bridge can save you trouble by protecting your remaining teeth from shifting. To get a dental bridge from your dentist in Cypress, TX, visit us today!

Replacing A Missing Tooth With A Dental Bridge

Missing teeth can bring along a lot of trouble. They can affect your mouth’s functionality, make you lose confidence, and impact the aesthetics of your smile. Some people become so self-conscious that they stop smiling due to the gaps between their teeth. We, at Cypress Dental Clinic, won’t let that happen to you. We can fill in the gap between your teeth by using a dental bridge, giving you a healthy and complete smile. Furthermore, a dental bridge will improve the appearance of your smile and bring back your lost chewing surface. The best part is that you can return to your favorite foods that you have had to avoid for so long due to the irritation they cause to your soft tissues. With a dental bridge, every food is a go-green!

What Are The Benefits of Dental Bridges?

Other than strengthening the neighboring teeth, a dental bridge has various other benefits:

  • Improves your smile
  • Restores your ability to chew and speak
  • It helps maintain your facial structure
  • Fills in the gap of missing teeth
  • It prevents the surrounding teeth from drifting.

At Cypress Dental Clinic, our dentists will place your dental bridge perfectly so that you can achieve maximum results from this restorative treatment.

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