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Removable Dentures In Cypress, Texas 77433

If you have missing teeth, dentures are one of the best solutions to get back a complete smile. Several types of dentures are available to address your individual needs, ranging from immediate dentures to implant-supported overdentures. Ultimately, the best option will depend on your specific condition. Get your dentures from your dentist in Cypress, Tx today!

Types of Full Dentures

Immediate Dentures: As the name suggests, these dentures are worn immediately after a tooth removal. These help you speak and eat properly till you get your more permanent dentures.

Conventional Full Dentures: After a certain time, when your teeth and gums are ready for a permanent venture, you can go with full dentures. These dentures are fabricated to look like natural teeth and can give you a complete smile for a long time.

Implant-Supported Overdentures: These are the most permanent types of dentures. If you want maximum comfort, value, and functionality, go with this option.

When looking for full dentures in Cypress, TX, or nearby locations, contact our dental office. We will be more than happy to serve you!

Types of Partial Dentures

Transitional Partial Dentures: These are removable dentures made of plastic material and work as temporary tooth replacement options while a patient waits for the mouth to recover from a tooth removal. Once the gum tissues heal completely, dental implants can be fitted.
Removable Partial Dentures (RPDs): These types of dentures are typically made of cast Vitallium. Furthermore, these are lightweight and are less prominent as compared to the plastic ones. Additionally, they are much cheaper than implants or fixed bridgework. It is a slightly expensive option, but the comfort and fitting will compensate for the extra dollars.

Get Your Dentures Today!

A complete smile should last for a lifetime, and we can help you achieve that. Contact us today at (832)-427-6620 to discuss how we can restore your smile through dentures in Cypress, Tx.

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