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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Eruption of wisdom teeth can be extremely easy for some, while for others, they may become a major cause of concern, and they may not be left with any other option except for extracting them. Extracting a wisdom tooth involves a surgical procedure as the tooth can be completely or partially impacted. An impacted wisdom tooth means these do not erupt properly, which causes a lot of pain, discomfort, infection, or any other dental problem. To avoid all these problems, it is necessary to contact an expert dentist in Cypress, Texas, who can perform wisdom tooth extraction without causing much pain.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction In Cypress, Texas 77433

Why have wisdom tooth extraction at Cypress, Texas

Wisdom teeth are a set of molars that erupt at the back of your mouth. You can call yourself lucky if they erupt perfectly straight as in most cases, they can either be impacted i.e., trapped in your jawbone or erupt at a wrong angle.
There can also be times when the jawbone may not have enough space for the wisdom teeth to come out. Since these are at the back of your mouth, you may not be able to brush these, which may cause bacteria to gather in your teeth. All of these conditions can cause pain and may even develop an infection in your mouth. This then leaves you with only one solution of pulling them out.

Problems associated with wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth themselves can let you know whether there is a problem or not. You would need to pull your wisdom teeth out if you observe the following:

The Procedure of Wisdom Tooth Extraction at Cypress, Texas

The dentists at Cypress Dental Clinic take care of all your dental concerns before performing the tooth extraction procedure. The surgery may take up to 45 minutes or less. Our dentists may use one of the following sedation methods to perform the extraction procedure:

Local Sedation

Our dentist will give you a shot of anesthesia and numb your mouth. He/she may also let you breathe laughing gas so you may relax during the surgery. However, you will be alert shortly after the procedure.

IV Sedation

Our dentist will numb your mouth and will also give you a shot through your vein on your arm. This sedation will make you sleep during the entire procedure.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Aftercare

The procedure might not feel complicated to many, but it needs proper aftercare to avoid further problems. Our dentists will guide you on how to take care of yourself after the procedure. The following are some of the common instructions that you may get:
Our dentist may also ask you to avoid certain things like drinking with straw as it may loosen the blood clot, eating hard or sticky food or smoking, and drinking wine. The patient should follow all the instruction given by the dentist as it may speed up the recovery procedure.
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